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Regarding transport of horses to Danish Warmblood's Stallion Show - Herning Horse Show 2016

Again this year the Danish police authorities will perform inspection and control vehicles transporting horses to our National Stallion Show & Herning Horse Show. It is of utmost importance that you have all required documents at hand and that your vehicle etc. fulfill required specifications. Danish Warmblood and SEGES Horses (the Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre, Dept. Horses) have made a check list to bring along and bear in mind.

Regardless of purpose of horse transport you MUST always bring along:

  •          Original registration papers on ALL horses in the transport
  •          Registration papers on the vehicle(s)

If your transport is ”non-economic business” no demands regarding transportation, authorization, drive’rs competence and vehicle approval is required – regardless of distance. Transporting horses participating in show or championship classes at the Stallion Show will - in general- not be characterized as ‘’economic business’’. But beware that other reasons such as your profession may cause it to be regarded as ’’economic business’’.

Participating in international FEI-classes will however – in general – be regarded as ’’economic business’’.

Transport of stallions participating in the stallion grading will - in general- be regarded as transport in ’’economic business’’ and will cause further demands to transport/driver to take effect.


When transporting in ’’economic business’’ you must also bring along:

  •       Transportation document: Information about owner, departure (time/place), destination, and expected duration
  •       Approval certificate of vehicle for animal transportation


For transport over distances exceeding 65 km always bring along:

  •          Competence Certificate
  •          Authorization for you as transporting company


Rules regarding driving/rest periods apply for ‘’business’’ for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 3,500 kg, and for ‘’non-business’’ for cars/trucks with an allowed maximum weight over 7,500 kg.

If you transport other people’s animals against payment it is considered professional transport and requires haulier license if the total vehicle weigt exceeds 3,500 kg.

If you have a horse in training or stabled, the transport service can be a part of your business activity and does not require haulier license.

Being aware of all this makes you well prepared for the police inspection.

We look forward to seeing you.


Best regards

Danish Warmblood and SEGES Horses

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