Danish Warmblood stallion licensing 2019 28-11-2018 - 14:36

In 2019, our big stallion licensing celebrates its 40th anniversary with MCH Exhibition Centre Herning. Find preliminary programme in outlines here.... Read more

Shining Stars in Herning 07-03-2018 - 21:48

The 850 horse boxes in the stables at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning are filling up, the show has begun, and the first stars have appeared... Read more

A Festival of Top Stallions in Herning 01-03-2018 - 18:50

At the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing next week you can expect to see some outstanding stallions – not only among the nearly 100 stallions that will be presented before the licensing committee, but also the sport stallions that will be shown in the very popular show classes for stallions... Read more

The Largest Equestrian Event in Denmark 27-02-2018 - 14:09

We look forward to welcoming you to Danish Warmblood’s Stallion Licensing 2018 in MCH Messecenter Herning. ... Read more

Impressive collection at Spring Auction 27-02-2018 - 11:38

It is a highly interesting collection of young horses that will be auctioned on 10 March at the Danish Warmblood Spring Auction which is held during the stallion licensing in MCH Messecenter Herning. They are carefully selected quality horses at various levels... Read more

Practical info for stallion owners 20-02-2018 - 11:07

Catalogue, letters, book of instructions etc have been sent to the stallion owners today - but always keep an eye on the detailed time table which is updated regularly.... Read more

Handlers' Book of Instructions online 14-02-2018 - 15:22

What are the stallions put through at the licensing? How is the procedure for stallions in lunge reins and on hard ground described?... Read more

Find overall program here 25-01-2018 - 13:12

We have different ways of looking at programs and different wishes regarding what to see...... Read more

Want to enter your warmblood stallion for licensing in Herning?? 19-10-2017 - 15:44

To enter your stallion for licensing requires a number of documentation before January 3rd 2018... Read more

Settling for the Stallion Show in March 2018?? 19-10-2017 - 15:31

58,000 spectators can't be wrong.... Don't miss out on the biggest stallion licensing in the world - with CDI***, CSI* and CSI***, along with Spring auction, Young Horse Championships in dressage and showjumping, dressage clinic with OG rider Patrik Kittel, huge Horse & Rider Tack Fair, gala shows both Friday and Saturday, afterparties both of these days, stallion presentation classes with breedsires aged 4 and up.... Read more

Auction in March: Dreaming of your own Fiontini or Sezuan?? 19-10-2017 - 15:06

The Spring Auction during our Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in March 2018 could maybe be interesting to you and your friends?... Read more

Detailed time schedule and instructions for stallion handlers 07-03-2017 - 08:54

Updated minute plan for stallion keepers online... Read more

Danish Warmblood Spring Auction 2017 28-02-2017 - 09:24

An auction lot of 31 horses will come under the hammer at the Danish Warmblood Spring Auction taking place on Saturday 11 March 2017, and the auction will be streamed on Clip My Horse... Read more

Detailed time schedule and instructions for stallion handlers 20-02-2017 - 14:08

For the stallions for licensing ther eare a diversity of rules, reminders, hours to keep ready for etc. The book of instructions for handlers and the detailed time schedule for stallion licensing are now online.... Read more

Auction lot online 19-02-2017 - 11:50

31 splendid young riding horses and young stallions for licensing are up for auction this year in Herning. The Spring Auction takes place on Saturday afternoon March 11, 2017. Videos, descriptions, and pedigrees are now online.... Read more

Transport issues when going to Herning 19-02-2017 - 11:44

More information in English will follow - but for now please take a look at the rules around transport when coming to Herning in March.... Read more

Pre-selections have ended - view the list of young stallions for licensing 16-12-2016 - 11:14

The two big rounds of pre-selections in Denmark have ended and an exciting lot of young promising showjumper- and dressage stallion prospects have been selected to go to the licensing during our Natinal Stallion SHow in Herning on March 8th -12th 2017.... Read more

Overall programme is online 01-12-2016 - 13:04

Blue Hors and Katrinelund Young Horse Championships, Spring Auction of young stallions and educated riding horses, Horse & Rider Tack Fair, CDI***/CSI*/CSI***, stallion licensing, Gala shows, dressage clinic, stallion presentation classes - you name it... (we have it all)... Read more

Dressage Clinic Thursday 01-12-2016 - 09:23

In March 2017 the Danish Warmblood Society offers a dressage clinic with Danish Master Rider, Hasse Hoffmann, who - even in his 60'ies competes in internatinal dressage... Read more

Pre-selections in December form the basis of the 2017 National Stallion Show 01-12-2016 - 09:14

In December the Danish Warmblood breeding commission have three days with intense pre-selections with young promising colts from Denmark and abroad.... Read more

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