10 jumping stallions approved for breeding12-03-2023 - 19:13

A total of 10 jumping stallions have just been approved for breeding at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning. Three of the approved stallions achieved the honourable title "Premium Stallion".

14 jumping stallions were invited to Danish Warmblood Stallion Selection. The 3-year-old-stallions were observed under saddle, in lunge and twice in free jumping. The stallions were seriously tested on a large oxer as the last jump in the series on the final day of the selection. They showed impressive jumping. In particular, the three premium-stallions, who received great applause from a sympathetic audience in the KRAFFT Arena.


New testing system

Earlier this year, the testing system for the young jumping stallions was changed. This means that the 10 approved stallions have been granted a 1-year covering permit. Next year, when the stallions are 4-years-old, they must participate in two observation classes during the Danish Warmblood stallion selection in March. If they perform satisfactorily, they will be granted an additional 1 year covering permit. After this, they must participate in a 20-day performance test (a shortened version of the current 35-day performance test), and the following year, when the stallions are 5-years-old, they have the opportunity to obtain a final licensing at the stallion grading in Herning.


Prize stallion for Ludger Beerbaum

In connection with the awarding of the stallions, Henrik Hansen, who is a breeder of cat. 103 Cassado II, state that the impressive grey has just been sold to German showjumping legend Ludger Beerbaum. 


Premium stallions:

103            Cassado II e. Casall / Corrado I, breeder & owner: Henrik Hansen

106            Cartoon Hero RV e. Chacoon Blue / Le Champ Ask, breeder: Søren Riis Vester, owner: Frandsbjerg Horses

112            Vassini Ask e. Van Gogh / Cassini I, breeder: Germany, owner: Stutteri Ask



Selected for breeding:

101            Mundbergs Cavani e. Carrera VDL / Warrant, breeder & owner: Ida Mundberg Hansen

102            Cartel du Forezan Z e. Carthago / Darco, Breeder: France, owner Team Henriksen


104            Cassis U e. Casall / Coronado, breeder & owner: Anders Bak


105            Clear Heart Z e. Casall Sem / Coulthard, opdrætter: Toben Nielsen og Eva Jørgensen, ejer: Ib Kirk


108            Fire GUL e. Favorit Ask / Bøgelys Camaro, breeder & owner: Lise & Jesper Grønbjerg Uhre Larsen


110            Bøgegårdens Unstopable e. Syvhøjegårds Unforgetable S DWB / Bøgegårdens Dicapo, opdrætter og ejer: Stina & Jørgen Schmidt


113            Bøgegårdens Zion e. Bøgegårdens Zidane / Bøgegårdens Quidam, breeder & owner: Stina & Jørgen Schmidt




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